Delaganza’s Lace Wigs, Weaves and Extensions are tailored to make your beauty stand out. They illuminate your elegance and enhance your confidence. They seamlessly throw light on your touch of class. They represent a deliberate blend of professionalism and passion designed to help you make the statement of yourself.  They come in sorted style, color and finish. Take a moment to find your perfect match or send us your own style.


Our collection lace wigs aims to make women proud of wearing them. It feels like your own hair or even better and the concept is for women to feel proud of wearing them like holding a designer bag in their hands.

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For women who want more volume in their hair, we have a collection of bundles of very high-quality which feels smooth and soft.  With this, you are able to create the natural look you’ve always wanted.

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Our extensions are of the finest quality human hair and made with 100% Italian Keratine wax, making them last longer so you can enjoy more of your new look.

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Dela is a professional woman who performs her work with passion. She is creative, emphatic, knowledgeable and intelligent. Dela respects her clients, thinks together with you about different possibilities and has all the patience in the world. My self-confidence increases whenever Dela does my hair. Above all, Dela is 'Delaganza' in heart and soul: she is a beautiful person, inside and out.
I have been a client of Dela since 2013. After going to almost all hairdressers in the Netherlands I ended up at Delaganza. At first I was skeptical. After all, it was not the first time that a barber said: sure no problem, I can do that! But Dela didn’t brag. Finally, my hair was fantastic and exactly the way I wanted it. What I like very much is that I can always WhatsApp her with questions. Dela gives very good advice and knows what she is talking about. Nothing is too much for her and she has a lot of patience. Something which I like very much. For me, absolutely no other hairstylist except for Dela.
Anna - Devani Luxury Collection
Ruby - Devani Luxury collectie
QueenIce - Lace Front Wig
Kelly - Lace Front Wig
Ivy - Lace Front Wig
Elsa - Devani Luxury Collection
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