Wax Hair Extensions
Wax hair extensions are pieces of hair with keratine bonding. The extensions are placed with the aid of an extension connector. It won’t damage your own hair. It really feels natural and you can do everything with it.

With proper care, you can keep the hair extensions on your head for about 4 to 6 months. After that period they can be removed again from your hair with an extensions removal device so your own hair is not damaged.

For treatment of volume you will need between 75 to 100 hair extensions for a good result. For a full long hair you will need between 125 to 175 hair extensions, depending on the thickness of your own hair. In general the thicker and shorter your hair, the more hair extensions you need.

For a good result for a full hair extension, the length of your own hair should be at least 15 cm long. Do you have shorter hair (from 8cm), then depending on the thickness of your hair you will need at least 150 extensions. The extensions are available in the structures Straight, Natural Straight, Body wave and Curls in the lengths of 45 cm and 55 cm.

Micro ring Extensions

With Micro Ring extensions, the extensions are attached to your own hair with the help of micro rings. Unlike fixing of wax hair extensions heat is not applied, so it’s extremely friendly. Also, removing the micro rings is quick and will not damage your own hair. It is also ideal if you want to grow your own hair.

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