Lace Wigs

Delaganza wanted to bring something else to the market than the usual lace wigs and lace front wigs. A wig that looks and feels just like your own hair and even better. That is why Delaganza created her first collection Devani Luxury lace wigs.

The word wig has a negative connotation. Many women are not eager to let others know that they are wearing a wig. The creation of Devani Luxury Collection wigs aims to make women proud of wearing wigs like holding a designer bag in their hands.

This collection is perfect for women who are looking for a new look and/or a new hair color, without having to colour their own hair. This collection is also suitable for women suffering from hair loss. Our wigs are custom made by hand to guarantee a unique and lasting wig.

All our wigs can be custom ordered. They come with a natural hairline and realistic baby hair and are made from the best raw virgin hair and sustainable Swiss Lace!

Most of our wigs are unique and that means you’re the only one who will wear that specific type of hair! After many years of experience in this industry, Delaganza can guarantee you a flawless, stylish and durable wig.

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