Whole head weave

The whole head (or a large part of it) is braided in cornrows, then the weave is sewn on it. This method is suitable for all types of hair. We use the protective braid method to protect the edges of the hair. This technique is very suitable for someone who wants to grow her natural hair and also protect her hair from colour and heat from styling or want a complete new look. For this technique, you need at least 2 packs weave for the best results.

Fill up with braid technique

With this technique a flat thin cornroll is made between your own hair whereby the weave is sewn on it. This flat thin cornroll serves as the basis by which the weave hair is sewn on. This technique is for someone who wants to have a fuller or longer hair.

Micro Ring weave

With this technique is fixed in your hair with the help of small micro rings. It is very safe for the hair, fast to attach and fast to take out and it doesn’t damage your hair.

Weaven with Lace Closures

In this method, a lace closure is used in combination with weave for more natural and realistic look. Weaven with Lace Closures is a protective hair style for someone who wants to change her hair colour or want a total new look without damaging their own natural hair. In this technique, the entire hair braided way. Our Lace Closures comes with natural hairline and baby hair for a realistic look.

Weaven with Lace Frontals

Weaven with Lace Frontals is a method whereby Lace Frontals is combined with weave for a more versatile look. With Lace Frontals you can do more patterns like middle, side or you can wear your hair all back.

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