Dela is a professional woman who performs her work with passion. She is creative, emphatic, knowledgeable and intelligent. Dela respects her clients, thinks together with you about different possibilities and has all the patience in the world. My self-confidence increases whenever Dela does my hair. Above all, Dela is 'Delaganza' in heart and soul: she is a beautiful person, inside and out.
Dela is a professional

I have been a client of Dela since 2013. After going to almost all hairdressers in the Netherlands I ended up at Delaganza. At first I was skeptical. After all, it was not the first time that a barber said: sure no problem, I can do that! But Dela didn’t brag. Finally, my hair was fantastic and exactly the way I wanted it. What I like very much is that I can always WhatsApp her with questions. Dela gives very good advice and knows what she is talking about. Nothing is too much for her and she has a lot of patience. Something which I like very much. For me, absolutely no other hairstylist except for Dela.
My hair was fantastic

I am very satisfied with the way Dela works She is very professional and takes the time to get your hair into a beautiful model. I let my wigs to be made which I often wash a lot but the wefts are still tight.
I'm very satisfied

For 1.5 years now, I go to Dela every 2.5 months to fix my silicon rings. In the past I tried everything, but I was never satisfied with the results. Since Dela started doing my hair, I am more than satisfied! She also works very nicely and is super cozy!
More than satisfied

Dela provides excellent service and combines it with the requisite professional advice taking into consideration my personal wishes. For braiding as well as a sew-in weave, with Dela I am always guaranteed a nice and neat hairdo.
Dela provides excellent service

Dela is super professional and a perfectionist. She is awesome when it comes to weave, making hair pieces, cutting and styling. You can clearly see that she is a professional woman who knows what she is about. She does your hair exactly the way you always want it and continues until you are finally satisfied with your hair. She always delivers high quality. That's why I keep returning for years.
Dela is awesome!

About two years ago I came to Dela and I have never regretted for a moment. Dela is very professional and does everything to satisfy her clients. She works quickly and neatly. Dear Dela, keep it up. You're great!
She works quickly and neatly

For 3 years now I have been a loyal client of Dela. The reason why I chose Dela is because like me she is very critical. She is not satisfied with `` reasonable '' or `` goed`` but will PERFECTION! I feel my wishes are taken seriously every time. I also find it very important that a good stylist can take criticism in good faith: Dela always helps me to make the right choice and is courteous. In the past, before I met Dela I redo my extensions every 2 months but with Dela I do this every 3 months. This is because she puts both weften as the loose pieces of hair extensions tight. Also very nice is that she is always prepared to style my hair in the desired model and checks that everything is to my satisfaction. Another plus point: Dela is flexible with her hours. Also nice is that she knows different types of hair which makes her an expert in her field and makes it possible to have the best quality and price ratio. And last of all: Dela is very nice person!!!
She's not satisfied with reasonable or good

After searching the Internet for a good hair stylist, I came across Dela on Marktplaats after reading excellent reviews about her. Myself, originally I had curly hair but a hairstylist in Turkey literally fucked my hair up and I decided later to change my hair for a long straight hair. After contacting Dela on the phone, I went to see her and she gave me good advice concerning the different possibilities. I opted for full head weave and I must say the result was stunning. The reactions to my hair were overwhelming and many Dutch ladies asked me where I did my hair and were very impressed. I am now back for the second time and am still very pleased.
The result was stunning

For several years I have been coming every two months to Dela to do my weave. I can only say that I'm completely satisfied with her. She is very sweet and very good at her job. The weave remains perfect for at least two months and she always has a solution for everything or other techniques. Previously, I always made a bad bargain with the purchase of new hair but the hair Dela provides is beautiful, soft and doesn’t tangle. Plus her hair has a good price quality ratio. For both the hair and fixing I will only go to Dela.
I am completely satisfied

I have been a client for Dela for almost 8 years now and I must say I have a very good experience with Dela. My hair is always perfect. She takes her time with everyone and she is not finished until the result conform the wishes of the client. She is very good at hair dye and for new techniques such as balayage, with Dela you are at the right address. I am always very satisfied and I keep coming for many years!
I have a very good experience with Dela

Dela understands her work and provides super quality hair. I am always satisfied with Micro Rings as well as weave.
Super quality hair

I have been going to Dela now for 4 years and to this day I am very pleased with her talent. I became a client of Dela after I was dissatisfied with another hairdresser. After a long search on the Internet, I came across her hairdressing enterprise and since then I have been a loyal client. What I'm very happy about is the following: she offers a listening ear and thinks along with you to find out what your wishes are. Even if you're a stickler like me hahaha. For her the needs of her clients comes first and she gives her honest opinion. She will not just say things to please you and so that she can take advantage and rip you off. She sincerely wants the best for you. She is very flexible in terms of time. You can make an appointment early morning or late in the evening. Which is very good. Dela can also provide the hair you need so you do not need to make a pit stop to buy hair, and then to the hairdresser. Saves time believe me! In addition, the hair which she sells is of very good quality! In the end it's not about how cheap you want your hair done but to have a good result for the amount you paid. In addition, your stylist needs to take your wishes seriously, treat your hair as if it were her own hair. Well, Dela has shown all these qualities. Dela delivers quality product, excellent service and is very sociable.
I am very pleased with her talent

I have been seeing Dela for years now. Having been to so many different salons and still not satisfied, I went searching on Google and came across Dela. Since then I am always very satisfied with the result. The hair is also of very good quality I can use it again and again unless I want a longer length. You can really do everything you want with and it still remains beautiful. Nobody notices that I am wearing a Weave. It’s so natural, so if you are looking for a nice long and full hair, Dela is highly recommended!!!
Dela is highly recommended

Dela has being doing my extensions for sometime now and I am very satisfied! The extensions remain nice and have exactly the same structure as my own hair. Since I have these extensions, I get compliments from everyone and I really cannot live without it. I recommend Delaganza to everybody!
I get compliments from every one

Dela has been doing my hair for 5 years and I'm really happy with her! She makes a very good assessment of what will suit your hair and how it should be secured in the best way. The weave with micro rings are always fixed very well and feel very natural in my hair. I always feel beautiful again after coming go Dela!
I always feel beautiful again after coming to Dela